KORG Beat Boy


R3,695.00 R2,995.00

  • Turn your practice into a performance with 100 full-fledged rhythm patterns
  • Both Tap Tempo and standard Tempo adjustment buttons allow easy fine tempo adjustments
  • Drum machine volume level control lets you fine tune the mix balance with your guitar sound
  • Tuner function ensures that your pitch is accurate
  • Overdrive/distortion effect for electric guitar
  • Recorder allows 16-bit/44.1 kHz PCM recording and playback
  • Approximately 20 minutes of recording, with a maximum of 100 tracks
  • USB port allows your recorded phrases to be easily backed-up to your computer
  • Internal mic supports acoustic instruments
  • Built-in speaker lets you immediately listen back to recorded sounds


Designed as a fun practice tool, Korg’s Beat Boy is for guitarists and bassists who want plenty of drum patterns to play along to, plus the option to record their performances and tune their instrument in the first place.

There’s also an overdrive/distortion effect to crunch up your tone and an internal mic for acoustic players. You can play back your recordings via the built-in speakers or back them up to your computer over USB.

Additional information

Weight .122 kg
Dimensions 13.2 × 13.2 × 3.3 cm